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HairCheck® is a new service that will enhance your professional image, increase your client retention and increase your sales

Because thinning hair affects an estimated 75% of men and 10% of healthy women, HairCheck® will enable you to help a large portion of your existing clientele, and attract new clients, who will benefit from the valuable services you can now offer.

With this new revolutionary device, you can show your clients measurable hair thinning, or breakage… scientific evidence that they are losing their hair. Traditionally, treatment for thinning hair starts when balding is visible to the naked eye but by then nearly 50 percent of the hair is already gone! HairCheck® gives your clients the information needed to begin their hair growth treatment years before balding begins to show. There are two types of new services you can provide to your clients… hair loss or regrowth measurements and hair breakage measurements.

The HairCheck is easy to use and takes only a few minutes to give an accurate measure of hair loss caused by thinning, shedding,or breakage. This revolutionary new service will quickly become one of your most in-demand menu items, and can result in a significant increase in the number and retention of male clients customers who are willing to spend whatever it takes to keep or regrow their hair – especially if you can prove that the treatments are working. Women with hair breakage will welcome the professional manner with which you approach their loss. They will become motivated clients, seeking additional services and products to address their damage and prevent further breakage.


  • Identify and treat hair loss before it shows, building loyalty and your reputation as an expert – especially with male clients.
  • Measure the effectiveness of hair growth treatments and products to make the best choices for each client.
  • Quantify and distinguish hair loss due to shedding, thinning and breakage in order to make the appropriate recommendations.
  • Increase retail sales of hair growth products through early detection and provable results.
  • Increase retail sales of hair strengthening (proteinizing) products by showing measurable success.
  • Offer the HairCheck evaluation as part of a service or retail purchase and see your income soar as clients feel they now can control these frustrating and worrisome hair conditions.